If you’ve ever found yourself slowly fading away because you entered an alley without Wi-Fi or internet connection, only to find that you can’t even listen to music to kill time, well, you’re not alone. Thankfully, Spotify is working on an offline mix feature that will cover you with locally stored songs when you enter a dark pit without any network.

CEO Daniel Ek tweeted a screengrab of an upcoming feature called “Your Offline Mix.” It will be a dedicated playlist of its own, a collection of your most recently played songs that will be downloaded for times “when the vibe is high, but your connection is low.”

Spotify has been working on this feature since 2020, but appears to have run into some weird hurdle with its release. But let’s not get too far ahead. Spotify’s CEO has only teased this lifesaver feature, but still won’t say as to when “Your Offline Mix” will appear in your Spotify app.

But as is the case with everything that is good in this word, this feature likely won’t be free. Naturally, you will have to spend some cash for a Spotify Premium subscription. Alternatively, just steal your rich friend’s password, like a loyal friend is supposed to do, per the holy scriptures.

YouTube Music already offers one such feature called Offline MixTape. And yes, you guessed it right. You need a YouTube Premium subscription for it. God damn you, capitalism!

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