Elon Musk loves the term FAFO. Fuck Around, Find Out. Looks like Twitter is fucked, too!

What would you do if a hot new competitor enters the market, has more cash, and is already breathing down your neck? In the mercurial mind of one Elon Musk, you must turn your product into shit. Or at least that’s what you get on Twitter these days.

Twitter says if you aren’t verified (READ: haven’t paid your $8 monthly online existence tax to Musk), you will only be able to send a limited number of DMs each day. “Unverified accounts will have daily limits on the number of DMs they can send,” says Twitter.

Of course, it’s a cash grab, because Musk desperately wants more users to sign up for Twitter Blue and keep the company afloat, which is now less than half worth its original $44 billion sticker price.

The lame argument is that by limited the number of messages non-verified users can send, the spam problem would get under control. Just to set the record straight, Twitter’s spam problem only intensified after Musk’s blockbuster purchase.

A bird sitting on a phone
Gimme all your money, bitch! (Credit: Dall-E / OpenAI)

Here's something even more hilarious. It's actually the verified aka paid users that have unleashed the DMs spam problem. And that’s because he quickly fired two-third of Twitter’s staff, which included core teams handling critical tasks like moderation and spam content.

It’s like solving a problem that you created in the first place. But that’s not all. Musk recently put in place another terrible rule. If you want to DM a person on Twitter, both of you must mutually follow each other. For journalists that consider Twitter a lifeline for talking to sources, the new restriction is plain hell.

Oh wait, there's more. This comes merely days after Musk announced that if you are not a paying user, the number of tweets you see each day will be limited. So, here’s the deal. If you’re not a paid user:

|| You can’t DM on Twitter to your heart’s content.
|| You can’t DM someone  unless you are mutuals followers.
|| You will only see a limited number of tweets each day.

To put it simply, Twitter wants to charge you even for the basic necessities on a social media platform. So much for a public town square!

But it’s also somewhat fun to see Musk failing miserably at handling a social media company while running around as the messiah of humanity. Welp, what can I say. Musk really did fuck around. And now, he’s finding out!

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