In a move that will surely bring peace to countless couples, Fitbit has filed a patent for a sleep-tracking device that can monitor multiple people simultaneously. No longer will you have to endure arguments over stolen blankets or restless nights caused by a snoring partner. Fitbit's got your back!

Credit: Fitbit

So, how does this marvel work? Well, it's like having a mini sleep lab in your bedroom. The device comes equipped with an army of sensors strategically placed around the bed. These little spies gather data on every toss, turn, and snore, as well as heart rate and breathing patterns. It's basically a high-tech surveillance system for your slumber.

Fitbit claims that this device will revolutionize the way couples sleep together. Finally, you'll have concrete evidence to settle the age-old debate of who disrupts whom more during the night. Whether it's the partner who kicks like a ninja or the one who sounds like a chainsaw, this sleep tracker will put an end to the blame game.

Yasir Naseem / Athenil

But wait, there's more! Fitbit also targets exhausted parents who desperately need answers about their children's sleep. With this device, you can finally figure out if little Timmy's bedtime shenanigans are the cause of his crankiness during the day. It's like having a sleep detective on your side, solving the mysteries of childhood restlessness.

Unfortunately, Fitbit hasn't given us an exact release date for this life-altering invention. We'll have to patiently await its arrival while stumbling through our sleep-deprived days. In the meantime, you can explore other sleep-tracking options, like smartwatches or standalone sleep trackers. They might not have multi-person capabilities, but they can still give you some insights into your nightly adventures.

Remember, folks, sleep is vital for your health and well-being. So, whether you're fighting the bed wars with your partner or trying to crack the code of your child's sleep patterns, monitoring your slumber is a step in the right direction. Stay tuned for the epic debut of Fitbit's sleep tracker and prepare to uncover the truth about your nighttime escapades. Sleep tight, everyone!

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