Let me break down what the fruit company has to offer this year with its new phones. The iPhone 15 series is here, and the two biggest changes are the port situation and the hole-in-display look.

That special bougie people charging connector, the famed Lightning port, is now gone. Instead, all four iPhone 15 models get a USB Type-C port. Yeah, the same port that almost every Android phone – from dirt-cheap to exorbitantly high bois – has to offer. Sigh. What a loss for charging cable clout seekers.

For the rest, well, life is now easier. You can now use the same USB-C charging cable to juice up all your phones, laptops, earbuds, and personal care gadgets. In fact, the iPhone 15 will also let you charge the AirPods and the Apple Watch using a USB-C cable, like this:

iPhone charging AirPods
Credit: Apple

The next major change is that the wide-ass notch is gone. All four iPhones now bear the mark of the cyclops. Here's a comparison of Apple's shameful design past and the present:

Comparison of iPhone 15 and 14
iPhone 14 (top) vs iPhone 15 (bottom) / Credit: Apple 

The display size and resolution remain the same, and so does the battery size across all four iPhone 15 models compared to the 2022 phones. A cool change is that Apple has nearly doubled the screen brightness, increasing it up to 2,000 nits even on the vanilla iPhone 15 models.

You get to pick between 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch sizes, and there are a couple of fresh color options, as depicted in the image below.

color options for iPhone 15
Credit: Apple 

Let's talk about the changes. The iPhone 15 and its Plus variant get upgraded to last year's A16 processor, while the two iPhone 15 Pro trims are treated to the new A17 Pro chip that can play console-grade video games like Resident Evil: 4.

In the camera department, the changes are once again minor. Instead of the 12-megapixel camera on the iPhone 14, Apple has fitted a 48-megapixel camera on the iPhone 15. The iPhone 15 Pro doesn't get any such upgrade. On the iPhone 15 Pro Max, the telephoto camera now achieves 5x optical zoom, up from the 3x optical range.

iPhone 15 Pro color options
Credit: Apple

There are some cool new camera features, such as the ability to capture 24MP hi-res pictures, the ability to adjust focus and blur in even non-portrait shots, and improvements to Night Mode capture. The iPhone 15 Pro gets some special love, as it gets a faster USB-C port (up to 10Gbps speed) and a frame made out of titanium.

As for the damage on your pocket, here it is:

The iPhone 15 series pre-orders open on September 15, while public availability will start on September 22 in India.

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