OnePlus just announced its first foldable — the OnePlus Open. It's a sleek phone with exquisite back panel designs, bright and vibrant 2K 120Hz AMOLED displays both inside and out, and innovative cameras backed by Sony's flagship LYTIA technology and Hasselblad's colour science.

With a 7.82-inch 2K inner display, the OnePlus Open offers an almost-square landscape for singular and combination of apps. The crease feels seamless without any major noticeable dips along the mid-frame.

The crisp 6.31-inch cover screen allows for a conventional and more convenient usage compared to the Galaxy Z Fold 5's tall cover screen.

Both displays support adaptive refresh rates up to 120Hz, Dolby Vision support, and claimed peak brightness of up to 2,800nits.

For its camera's, OnePlus employs Sony's new LYT-T808 sensor, which despite being much smaller 1/1.43-inch size, is claimed to offer images comparable to 1-inch phone camera sensors, especially Sony's own IMX989 by using two stacks of pixel layers. This is especially beneficial in low light photography. OnePlus also lets you capture photos with additional HDR metadata to improve viewing on the Open's display, although this metadata cannot be viewed on other HDR screens at the moment.

Other rear camera sensors include a 64MP periscope telephoto with 3x optical zoom and a 48MP ultrawide camera with a 114° FOV.

Along with Hasselblad colours, the OnePlus Open can also record 4K videos with Dolby Vision.

For performance, we get a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip with 16GB of RAM. Meanwhile, 512GB storage is available as standard in India.

OnePlus Open is also the fastest charging foldable with 67W SuperVOOC charging to replenish the 4800mAh battery.

Software-wise, you get OxygenOS 13.2 out of the box. For multitasking, three apps can run concurrently while special additions make dragging and dropping files and media very seamless. Like the OnePlus Pad, the Open also gets an app taskbar at the bottom for quick shortcuts, recent apps

OnePlus wants you to part ways with Rs. 1,39,999 for this sleek peice of folding phone thingmajig. I am, of course, pushing it to its limits in all ways, but so far, this seems like a more refined foldable phone than what Samsung could muster across five generations.

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