If your life depends on ride-hailing and Uber is your preference, get ready to see "full-length video ads" in the mobile app. According to The Wall Street Journal, the convenience will soon expand to other Uber-owned apps, such as Uber Eats and Drizly, assuming they are available in your region.

So far, Uber has only shown static ads to its customers. On a side note:

  1. The ads could be as long as 90 seconds.
  2. You can not opt out of seeing ads.
  3. Uber will use behavioral and demographic data (gender and ride history) to show ads.
  4. You can only opt out of behavioral ad targeting, but ads will still show up.

The app will blast video ads in your face as you wait for the Uber ride to arrive and mid-way through the trip. But it's not just the rider's phone where ads will show up during their one-off trip. In the Uber Eats app, the video ads will start as soon as you place your chow order and until the package arrives.

A person using the Uber app on phone
Credit: Pexels

If your Uber ride has a tablet installed behind the front-row seat headset, those giant screens will play ads as well. You can always turn your gaze away, pop up your earphones, or pretend to appreciate the outside view for the next few minutes.

Uber's tango with ad begins this week in the US and will expand to Australia and France in the coming months. And to make sure that Americans suffer the most, Uber will also start installing tablets in its fleet of cars on a per-city basis. Neat!

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