Well. Well. Well. The rumors were true. Tinder has launched a new subscription package that costs more than the average salary of an Indian. It's called Tinder Select, and the company has offered to only the most dedicated – aka the horniest – online dating connoisseurs.

According to Bloomberg, it has only been "offered to less than 1% of Tinder users who are among the app’s most active users," the company said. So, what secret sauce it serveth? For now, Match Group – the owner of Tinder and almost every dating app you know of – remains mum.

We only know of a "VIP Search" feature. Lord knows if that exclusive search thingy will match you with a thicc Martian waifu or a lanky narcissistic oppa. The company only says Tinder Select will offer features that aren't available on the cheaper tiers for the 21st-century perpetually-depressed, online dating peasants like us.

Tinder will start accepting applications for its uber-luxe subscription tier on a "rolling basis." Or, you can just finance yourself a solo trip, meet a normal human in the hills, and live happily ever after, instead of adding filtered mugshots on a Tinder profile.

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