Truecaller, the privacy-challenged caller ID app that everyone loves to hate, has delighted its loyal users by bringing back call recording as a premium feature. Because what could be more satisfying than paying extra to invade your own privacy?

Truecaller decided to end the call recording feature in 2022 for a legitimate reason. Google's Accessibility API changes magically forced their hand. Thank you, Google, for giving Truecaller an excuse to monetize call recording.

Credit: Yasir / Athenil

But Truecaller didn't stop at just bringing back call recording. Oh no, they had to make it extra special. They created a dedicated recording line. Now, the person on the other end will be blessed with the sound of a beep, indicating that their private conversation is being recorded.

Of course, Truecaller knows the value of exclusivity. The call recording feature is a privilege reserved only for those who can afford to be premium subscribers, willing to shell out $3.99 per month or $39.99 per year. Nothing says fairness, like charging people for something that should be a standard feature!

Credit: Unsplash

Our two cents:

So, whether or not you believe Truecaller's call recording feature is worth the hefty price tag is up to you. Just remember the irony of a company that has faced criticism for its privacy practices reintroducing a feature that further invades your privacy.

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