When Elon Musk smoked $44 billion to buy Twitter, he had the vision of an "everything app." Kinda like WeChat, a messaging app popular in China that does everything from acting like social media and making payments to applying for visa and even filing for divorce. Twitter, now going by X, is reaching there slowly.

X's grand foray into the job search arena is now live for everyone. After teasing the LinkedIn-esque tool to its oh-so-special verified users back in August, X has finally rolled it out to the common folk on the web. All the smartphone addicts will get it on their iOS and Android devices, because the company said “soon” is when it's happening (and we all know how reliable those timelines are).

The feature is already bustling with opportunities at every tech company you can think of, including those under the ever-so-modest umbrella of Elon Musk. There are positions up for grabs at SpaceX, Tesla, the monkey-murdering Neuralink, X, and even Musk's latest brainstorm, x.ai. This is how it looks like:

Job search on X
Credit: Athenil / X

Musk promised a "cool" LinkedIn rival, but for now, it's as basic as it gets. You can window shop for jobs, read some descriptions, and then – surprise, surprise – get booted off to some other website to actually apply, even for positions at X. But hey, they're trying something new with “job cards” to make job posts shareable, because we definitely need more things to share.

It looks like X might have some grander plans up its sleeve for this “everything app.” Their privacy policy got a sneaky little update about collecting data on users' employment history for “job applications and recommendations.”

Could this mean a supercharged job hunting feature or some kind of in-house recruiting? Only time will tell, but for now, enjoy the basic job search experience on the public town square that is also teeming with hate speech and toxicity.

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