What you like on social media can very well damn you to hell of shame. That testament applies to Twitter more than any other platform. Thankfully, the platform — now going by the name X — now lets you hide your likes.

Just ask Samuel L. Jackson aka Nick Fury aka the bonafide black man in every Hollywood film. The guy, known for his tasteful expletives on screen, started leaving likes on hardcore porn content late in 2022, before fans lost their collective shit and started telling him that “your likes are public, motherf%$@#%!”

Another Hollywood star Armie Hammer, who is currently facing allegations of sexual assault and even cannibalism, was caught liking rope bondage content on X. An American Senator, who wanted to remove any kind of suggestive content from school books, was spotted liking porn on Twitter for years.

Welp, you get the point why Twitter likes can be a nasty trail to ignore.

When you open a person’s Twitter profile, there is a whole section called Likes, where you can see the content that they bestowed with a virtual red heart. Now, folks that paid for a X Premium subscription can choose to hide the likes feed entirely.

If you maintain an online alter ego — which everybody has — likes are the best way to train your feed into showing you more of the content you like. So, if you like cats, keep liking every cat picture that pops on your feed for a few days, and soon, all your X content will be p-awesome content.

If that’s not your innocent mission, and you like yourself some digital smut, go ahead and like to your heart’s content. Just make sure to disable the feed before your momma goes in shock seeing how naughty her innocent boi actually was!

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