Just in case you have been living in a purple bamboo forest with chill pandas, there's a new super-smart AI on the block that will talk to you like a well-learned professor. The AI's name is ChatGPT.

ChatGPT can type poems for you, write code, conjure well-researched assignments, plan your vacation, and even write a fake leave application. In a nutshell, it's very, very good.

Except, it sucks at anything artistically creative, like writing a film script, short story, documentary idea, etc. without sounding biased as hell. To put it simply, it thinks the world revolves around folks with white skin and terrible accents.  

A robot proposing to another robot with a camera for its head

I had my filmmaker friend try it. It didn't really end well. I am an Indian, and so is my cinema-addict friend, but every time we asked the AI to write a rom-com, the characters were always imaginary folks like John, Anton, Mary, etc. Give me my Shah Rukh, goddamnit!

The city has to be Paris or Venice, and the language of love is always French or Italian, as per the super-smart AI cooked up by this company called Open AI. I asked it to write a TV show about the breakfast habits of human beings, and it put items like cereals at the top.

Neither me, nor my friend, have EVER had cereal for breakfast. We love our paratha, dosa, and kachori. A film about the greatest warriors in history brought up white legends like Napoleon. By the way, Napoleon was just 5-foot-6-inches. Not really a warrior physique, I'd say. You can read all the gory details about my little tango with ChatGPT here.

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