In April, an unknown online hellraiser going by the nickname “Ghostwriter” uploaded a couple of songs generated using AI. One of them – titled “Heart on My Sleeve” and featuring The Weeknd – was a legit banger. It also sent shockwaves throughout the music industry, pushing the question: Who owns a voice in the age of AI?

The song, and more like it, was soon pulled by streaming services due to obvious copyright issues. In a deleted Instagram story, Drake wrote “This is the final straw AI.” Universal Music Group, the biggest dinosaur in the music label game, was pissed at streaming services for allowing such AI tracks in the first place.

Ghostwriter was silent as all the AI ethics and copyright debate raged online. That was the silence before the storm. Earlier this week, the anonymous AI-tinkerer resurfaced with a new song titled “Whiplash,” copying the voices of Travis Scott and 21 Savage. Ghostwriter even extended a collaboration offer to both the rappers, with a banger offer in tow.

“If you’re down to put it out, I will clearly label it as A.I., and I’ll direct royalties to you. Respect either way.” That’s generous, but not a first. Remember Elon Musk? Well, his former wife and singer, Grimes, recently announced that she was okay with anyone using AI to copy her voice and make songs, as long as the revenue was shared with 50-50 model.

But Ghostwriter has more ambitious plans. According to The New York Times, the anonymous techno-anarchist met with folks at the Recording Academy, the institution in charge of the Grammy Awards. The guy has submitted “Heart on My Sleeve” in running for two Grammy Awards – Song of the Year and Best Rap Song. And he could very well get nominated.

The Grammy organization says the AI-generated song is technically eligible since the lyrics were written by Ghostwriter, even though the Drake-like vocals were generated using an AI tool. The only hurdle that remains is “broad release of a recording, available nationwide via brick-and-mortar stores, third-party online retailers and/or streaming services.”

Ghostwriter’s team is working to get it sorted. Just imagine the storm erupting if the track actually ends up winning an award, while Drake is busy collecting bra souvenirs from concert-goers.

In the meanwhile, here is DJ David Guetta using AI to sing like Eminem. The world has changed forever. Or at least, the music world!

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