Ah, Morgan Stanley, the fortune-tellers of finance, called it way back in 2016: Amazon selling cars. And they even name-dropped Hyundai as a buddy in this car-selling escapade. Fast forward to today, and the prophecy has come true. It's like those finance guys were zipping around in a time-skipping DeLorean with a flux capacitor.

So, if you've ever dreamt of clicking "Add to Cart" on a car while binge-shopping online, Amazon's making your wild dreams come true. They're teaming up with Hyundai to morph into car salespeople, because why not? But it's not like you can Prime a car to your driveway like a pack of toilet paper. The good ol' local Hyundai dealership down the road is still part of this capitalistic adventure.

Here's the big change for us, the customers: we can now blissfully scroll through Amazon, pick a Hyundai that catches our fancy, pay up online, and then mosey on down to the local dealer to actually get the car. Amazon's basically turned Hyundai dealers into its newest marketplace sellers. And Hyundai's not alone in this online showroom shindig, even though they got the first-class ticket.

But what's an Amazon venture without Alexa eavesdropping on your road trips? Starting with 2025 models, Hyundai's going to let Alexa ride shotgun, handling everything from blasting your favorite tunes to checking if you locked the front door before you backed out of the driveway. Just what we needed, more Alexa in our lives!

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