Apple, in a somewhat surprise and hasty exhibition of product refresh, has launched an all-new M3 class of processors. These are the first processors in the industry based on the advanced 3 nanometer fabrication process.

For the non-nerds, that means smaller compute units crammed on a wafer, delivering a big leap in performance as well as energy efficiency. And to go with these new chips, Apple has refresh its pricey laptop line a lot sooner than expected.

Top view of the MacBook Pro
Credit: Apple 

As expected, the new silicon comes in three flavours — M3, M3 Pro, and M3 Max. Apple has made some big upgrades to the graphics engine, which means machines powered by this chip will play Mario even better than ever and also handle demanding creative tasks with ease.

The top-end config will burn Rs. 719,900 from your wallet.
Features of the new MacBook Pro
All the niceties of the new MacBook Pro. (Credit: Apple) 

Coming to the new laptops, Apple has refreshed the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models. But for the first time, it also comes in a more affordable trim with the entry-level M3 processor inside. So far, these have been limited to the more powerful Pro and Max processors.

The design remains identical, which is not entirely unexpected. You get a sleek metallic chassis that now comes in a new dark black color, the first time Apple has used this shade for a MacBook. I’m sure members of the “matte black, everything” cult are orgasming everywhere gazing at it.

Apple MacBook Pro in black.
Credit: Apple

You can configure these new laptops with up to 128GB RAM and M3 Max variant with up to a 18-core GPU cluster to handle demanding tasks like graphics editing, AI modeling, and video games.

The base 14-inch MacBook Pro with the standard M3 processor starts at Rs. 169,900. The M3 Pro variant will rob you of Rs. 199,900 at the very minimum, while the 16-inch model wants to lure you with a delicious asking price of Rs. 229,900 for its base configuration.

Best of luck convincing your daddy that you need these new laptops to make basic AF Google Slides.

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