Well, well, well, look who's playing the morality police now! Apple recently announced their oh-so-generous gift to the adult population: the Sensitive Content Warning. Yes, folks, because we all know how traumatising it can be to accidentally come across a bare bum or a pair of jubblies on our screens. Thank goodness Apple is here to save us from such unsolicited horrors!

But wait, don't worry, your raunchy collection of nudie pics is safe from prying eyes! According to Apple's press release, they promise not to peek at your stash of questionable content. They're too busy making gazillions of dollars to bother with that, you know. So rest assured, dear user, your secret obsession with artistic nudes and saucy selfies will remain your little secret.

Credit: Yahoo Lifestyle

Oh, but Apple's generosity doesn't stop there! They're also expanding their Communication Safety feature to protect the fragile minds of our innocent children. Because apparently, sending and receiving content via AirDrop, Contact Posters, and FaceTime messages is a treacherous journey full of potential dangers. It's like navigating a minefield of emojis and selfies out there! But fear not, Apple has come to the rescue once again, shielding our precious little ones from any unwanted exposure to the evils of the digital world.

Credit: WSJ

And just when you thought Apple couldn't possibly become any more overprotective, they've decided to extend their privacy feature to cover video content as well. I guess pictures weren't enough for them. So now, Apple will diligently scan every pixel of your videos, making sure there's no inappropriate content hidden in there. It's like having a virtual nanny who's constantly peering over your shoulder, just to make sure you're not watching anything remotely scandalous. Thanks, Apple, for being our very own digital chastity belt!

Credit: Apple

To wrap it up, Apple is clearly on a mission to save our delicate souls from the horrors of nudity and adult content. With their Sensitive Content Warning and the extended Communication Safety, they're like the tech version of a prudish grandma shaking her finger at anything remotely racy. So hats off to you, Apple, for being the self-appointed guardians of our virtue in this wild, wild digital world. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go cover my eyes with an extra layer of duct tape, just to be on the safe side.

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