It’s CES 2023, the tech orgy where all your favorite – and unknown companies – share cool new tech products. Singing Miley Cyrus’ “I came in like a wrecking ball,” BMW showcased the i Vision Dee, a mid-sized sedan that can change its color. And with colors, I mean super funky hues with a ton of cool and eye-catching patterns.

Just in case you're wondering, Dee stands for Digital Emotional Experience, because this car is more emotional than your average politician with anger issues. In fact, BMW claims that the vehicle can "produce different facial expressions." It can whip up its own little light and sound show when it senses you close by, and also project your driver avatar on the side window.

The BMW i Vision Dee car after changing colors four times.

This sweet ride can actually change its exterior by choosing between 32 colors, one more than your average month and two more than Ranveer Singh’s whacky closet. The onboard AI can talk to people, and based on the wise or dumb things they say, it can change how it looks from the outside.

Not just solid hues, though. There are 240 E Ink segments on the car, which can light up in different colors, just like your expensive RGB keyboard. Notably, it can pull off more cool stuff than just changing shades to look like a colored chessboard or a car designed in Microsoft paint.

A BMW executive standing in front of the i Vision Dee color changing car.

First, the entire dashboard is blank, without any screen digital console or screen whatsoever. Interestingly, the entire windscreen is actually an edge-to-edge display, and you can control the amount of information that is projected on it. In a nutshell, hands on the steering wheel, eyes on the road, and no screens to distract. Neat work there, BMW!

The rear section of the BMW i Vision Dee color-changing car.

Remember the sexy BMW i8 with touch-screen tech across the windscreen, which Tom Cruise handsomely used as a digital map in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol? This is somewhat like it. Interestingly, this tech is actually coming to BMW cars in 2025. Plus, the windows can dim out slowly, cutting you off from the shit happening outside your fancy ride.

Hey, I'm also fairly sure that Brad Pitt has more than 32 garments in his closet. Don't come at me on Twitter at @nsnadeemsarwar.

Also, you can read more about it here, just in case you plan on buying a swanky BMW worthy of a rap mogul in 2025, without robbing a bank, that is!

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