Right now, OpenAI is in the middle of a corporate drama that beats Succession, or an Ekta Kapoor show on Silicon Valley high on AI steroids. But the company’s darling product, ChatGPT, continues to get new features.

The wildly popular AI chatbot can talk and listen. The feature was originally announced a few weeks ago, but so far, it has remained limited to paid subscribers. Now, it is finally embracing the penny-pinching moochers among us.

To give it a whirl, go to Settings ➡️ New Features in the mobile app and say 'yes' to voice chats. Next, find that little headphone icon at the top-right on the home screen, and pick one of the five fancy voices.

This nifty feature is brought to you by a text-to-speech model so advanced that it turns mere text and a snippet of speech into something almost human. And get this - OpenAI even teamed up with real voice actors to cook up each voice. Talk about getting serious with make-believe!

You can listen to some of the voice samples here.

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