Hey, look, Elon Musk may have changed the entire meaning of having a blue tick mark for social media usernames by selling it for $8 per month on Twitter, but you might still want to pay attention to it. Google, the company that totally doesn’t own all information about your personal life, will soon start showing a blue checkmark in front of the sender’s email address.

This checkmark is only given to organizations that have been verified and are legitimate entities. So, if you get an email from your bank, check out for that blue tick mark. Another marker is that starting 2021, Google started giving a brand logo avatar to all verified businesses. This is how the Gmail blue checkmark is going to look:

Blue checkmark for email addresses on Gmail.
Credit: Google

To put it simply, if you get an email from @HonestBank, you will see the bank’s official logo on the round profile picture, and not blank initial letters like HB. Plus, there will be a visible blue checkmark in the sender's email address, too. A

lso, I Was just kidding about the imaginary bank name. No bank on the planet Earth is honest. All of 'em are fucking robbers! Coming back to the point, the blue checkmark is already rolling out to all verified organizations and will be visible to every human being with a Google account.

Here’s some technical deeds on the whole system created by Google:

Google has something called Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance (DMARC ) in place that links a company’s website domain details with their official email address, and the whole system is authenticated by a third-party agency like Certin, before they are given the brand logo avatar on Gmail and the blue tick.

All this was put in place as part of an initiative called BIMI, because Google was sick of people falling victim to scams. By the way, hackers also screwed over the FBI in 2021, and started sending emails to users asking them for some change money so that the “government” can release the millions of dollars owed to them. Sounds similar to the African Prince scam? I thought so, too!

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