That was a poor selection of words for a headline, I admit. But just in case you ever had that kinda wild imagination, now is that fateful point in human civilization's history where you an actually live that fantasy. Google has quietly added a new feature to its Clock app that lets you record your own voice – or any other sound – and set it as an alarm sound.

The cool new feature is rolling out with version 7.3 of the app. Needless to say, rush to the Play Store and download that update as soon as you can. If you need some inspiration, by the way, just bang that thick pan with a steel spatula and record it for the most unpleasant alarm tone that will even wake a few demons in hell.

On a serious note though, if you don’t like the default alarm tunes in the app, there’s also an option to set any song from your YouTube Music or Spotify playlist as the alarm tune. If you seek a banging, head-bopping, hair-raising start to your morning, set this Cyberpunk 2077 theme as your alarm music in Google’s Clock app.

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