LG, the maker of very good TVs, has just dropped another very good TV. One that looks to have crashed straight from the future. The SIGNATURE OLED T is rather special, as this one is the world’s first fully wireless and transparent TV. This one features a cool see-through 4K panel measuring a sweet 77 inches.

LG transparent wireless TV.
Just look at this beauty, will ya? (Credit: LG) 

Instead of wires, all data transmission for audio and video happens wirelessly using a boxy hub called a Zero Connect Box. LG says the panel is practically invisible when turned off, but you can also use it to showcase artwork that appears to levitate in the air from a distance. Darn cool, yeah!

LG transparent TV.
Find the TV. (Credit: LG) 

Or, you can make it show an info-ticker at the bottom, creating a minimalist strip that shows valuable information such as weather, time, audio playback, and more. LG’s wire-hating transparent TV comes in three options — standalone, against-the-wall, and wall-mount — with further scope of picking a standing or floating shelf look.

LG hasn’t said anything about the asking price, but it ain’t gonna be cheap folks.

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