Introducing ANDI, the humanoid we've all been holding our breath for! Get ready to witness the sweaty spectacle of this heat-sensitive "thermal manikin" as it perspires profusely when faced with scorching temperatures. Move aside, humans, because ANDI will even go the extra mile and breathe heavily under temperature-related pressure. Talk about dedication!

Now, don't let ANDI's slightly unsettling appearance fool you. This remarkable robot actually serves a purpose beyond entertaining us with its sweaty antics. It's no secret that global temperatures are on the rise, and those concrete jungles we call cities aren't exactly helping matters.

Credit: Erika Gronek/ASU

Enter the researchers at Arizona State University, who have blessed us with this peculiar android specifically designed to explore the effects of extreme temperatures on the human body. Konrad Rykaczewski, the mastermind behind this project and an ASU mechanical engineering professor, wisely remarked, "Let's not risk using real people for these tests. It's not only unethical but also a recipe for disaster."

Apparently, what we consider "peak heat" today will be as common as a boring Tuesday in two decades. Exciting stuff, isn't it? I can almost feel the sweat beads forming already.

Credit: ASU

This is where our Climate Change C-3PO, ANDI, comes in. While other manikins have been sweating it out in controlled heat labs, the ASU geniuses have gone the extra mile and equipped our clammy friend with an "internal cooling system" that allows it to venture into the great outdoors for some hands-on testing. Bravo, ASU!

ANDI's purpose extends beyond predicting our miserable existence in a future of sweltering temperatures. The researchers hope to discover innovative ways to beat the heat with the help of this manikin. Picture this: maybe spending an extra 15 minutes in the shade would have saved you from becoming a sweaty mess. Or perhaps a refreshing water spray for 20 minutes is the key to survival. Hey, maybe it's all about wearing that special clothing to stay cool. Fashionistas, take note!

Credit: ASU

The idea is to explore anything and everything that might save us from melting away when we're forced to venture outside or, heaven forbid, actually enjoy being in nature. It's like a scientific quest for the Holy Grail of comfort.

Oh, but that's not all! Our beloved ANDI, complete with its intricately designed "organs" that mirror our own, will also provide valuable insights into heat-related deaths. Finally, we can put those mysterious cases to rest and solve the puzzling enigma of what actually happens to people in the scorching Valley. Sherlock Holmes would be proud.

Credit: Thermetrics

So keep your eyes peeled, folks! You might just spot ANDI strolling around the ASU campus, accompanied by its trusty sidekick MaRTy, the portable weather station. Think of them as the dynamic duo of climate change, the C-3PO and R2-D2 of our time. Science fiction, eat your heart out!

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