Google got Bard. Microsoft serves Bing Chat. OpenAI has ChatGPT. Apple is cooking AppleGPT. Amazon is also testing an AI chatbot for shoppers. That only leaves Meta out of the race where everyone is making talkative AI bots that want to replace everything from a call center guy to an overtly horny long-distance sugar daddy. Not for long.

According to Financial Times, Meta — the parent company of Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook — is designing chatbots in multiple personality flavors. One of them will apparently talk like Abraham Lincoln. Now, imagine some Redditor jailbreaking it and secretly selling a waifu version trick for a few dollars.

Meta's chatbots could launch as soon as September, so our doom ain’t too far.

Meta's entry in the AI chatbot game is massive, and potentially, a digital catastrophe, too. Just to give you an idea, Snapchat already offers an AI bot in its app, but not many know about it. When Meta launches its own AI chatbots, they will target a global audience worth around 4 billion internet-addicted mortals.

A person chatting with a robot
Credit: Bing Image Creator

One of these chatbots could be your travel planning pal, according to the report. “Their purpose will be to provide a new search function and offer recommendations, as well as being a fun product for people to play with,” the report says citing an internal source.

Meta is developing these chatbots so that users can have “human-like discussions with them.” Alternatively, these chatbots will open a fire-hose of personally and psychologically identifiable data that Meta is going to use in a few thousand ways and turn you into doom-scrolling zombies, more so than ever.

Just in case you're thinking of doing something bad after taking a peek at the sexy cyborg image below, keep in mind that talking to AI bots isn't healthy, as per research. In fact, some deranged psychopaths have already started to abuse their AI girlfriends, so you can imagine where all this is going.

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