Apple sets the trend, and the rest follow. So, when Apple uses the iPhone 11's fundamental aesthetics on the iPhone 15 Pro – that's five frikkin product generations – the industry takes note. Samsung certainly seems to be influenced, if fresh leaks are anything to go by.

The folks at SmartPrix have shared purported renders of the Galaxy S24, which is supposed to arrive early next year. To put it succinctly, it looks just like the Galaxy S23, but with a bad twist in tow.

You see, those edges look sharp as hell, and they are definitely going to hurtfully dig into your palms. Just like the iPhone 12. And the 13. And the 14. Thankfully, Apple went with curved corners with the iPhone 15 Pro, so Samsung's imitation is going straight to ergonomic hell.

Cruel turn of fate!

Side profile of Galaxy S24 render
Credit: SmartPrix

Don't get me wrong. The Galaxy S24 looks clean, but it's the same package we've seen on the Galaxy S23, minus it's slightly-bulging-but-comforting side rails. Over at the front is a 6.1-inch OLED display while the camera hardware includes three rear snappers.

Details about the internal hardware are still very much under wraps. But given Samsung's track record with leaks, we'll get inside-out hardware details soon. Let's just hope the rumors of an Exynos return aren't true, because Samsung's flagship buyers absolutely abhor those chips owing to performance and efficiency issues.

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