Gotta give it to Apple for recycling the same phone design for half a decade. But then, props to Samsung, for dissing Apple, and then doing the same. The latest in Samsung’s saga of Samsung’s “Apple-bad-we-still-copy” phase is the upcoming Galaxy S24 series phones, slated for a January launch next year.

Windows Report has leaked some marketing renders of the Galaxy S24, as well as its Plus and Ultra variants. And they look eerily similar to the Galaxy S23. The Ultra looks, in fact, identical to its Galaxy S22 series counterpart.

Leaked image of Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra
Credit: X / David Martin

Let’s talk about the seemingly groundbreaking changes for the new models. They've switched up the frame material (Titaniun is in, but for  the Ultra only) and added a couple of dazzling new colors. There’s a yellow, ripped straight off the Galaxy Z Fold 5’s Samsung-exclusive shade.

And a purple shade, which is cool, but once again, lifted from a previous-gen Galaxy phone. Full points for originality. As for the regular Galaxy S24 and its Plus buddy, they're basically the spitting image of last year's models - talk about a design overhaul!

Leaked images of Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra
Credit: Windows Report 

Let’s lose brian cells over the more meaningful changes. The S24 Ultra is sporting a vapor chamber cooling system that's almost double the size of its old one. In non-nerd terms, the phone will run cool.

The camera? Same old, same old, except for a head-windingly odd tradeoff. Big Sam from Korea ditched the 10-megapixel periscope camera with its show-offy 10x optical zoom from the Galaxy S23 Ultra. Instead, they're going with a 50-megapixel sensor, but with just half the zoom power on the next one.

Renders of Galaxy S24 series.
Credit: Windows Report

Go figure out what the hell Samsung’s design team was smoking here. I’m kinda flustered here because that crazy zoom range was one of the Ultra’s biggest selling points that convinced gullible mortals to spend a fortune on a piece of electronics vanity.

As for the specs, expect the usual niceties such as a bright 120Hz OLED display, the next-gen Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip, and a handful of new software tricks. And yeah, a price bump is veeeeery likely!

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