Samsung doesn’t sell any phone that offers a 200-megapixel camera, but it keeps making such massive camera sensors to help other brands like Xiaomi and Motorola gloat around the town. Or maybe, Samsung is just using them as guinea pigs. Either way, the company just launched its fourth-generation 200-megapixel camera sensor and has named it ISOCELL HP2.

Compared to its older sibling, the new 200-megapixel camera sensor from Samsung has larger pixels, which means it can collect more data to produce brighter photos with better colors and details. When things get dark, four pixels will combine to deliver 50-megapixel photos.

Samsung ISOCELL HP2 camera sensor

When it gets dark as hell, 16 adjacent pixels are merged to produce one large super-pixel that snaps 12.5-megapixel photos. The technique is called pixel-binning, and I’ve explained a heck load about it here, with loads of photographic examples.

The ISOCELL HP2 can record 8K videos, which nobody knows where to play on. You can also capture 4K HDR videos, assuming you find a place that doesn’t look like trash to shoot an Insta Reel in. On the positive side, the Galaxy S23 Ultra smartphone launching next month will most likely offer this massive camera sensor.

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