Samsung is selling a handful of cool AI tricks to smartphones, starting with the Galaxy S24 trio. So is Google. And MediaTek. And Qualcomm. Everyone is pushing splashy presentations and futuristic dreams down our throats. Nobody said all that AI shizz will eventually take a bite out of our ass.

Samsung, Google, MediaTek, Qualcomm, and all the other tech giants! You're just showering us with those fancy AI features for our phones, aren't you? It's like a futuristic dream buffet, and who doesn't love having things shoved down their throats?

And here comes Samsung, sneaking up like a ninja to drop the not-so-little news that some of their oh-so-amazing AI tricks for the Galaxy S24 series might just cost us a pretty penny. Surprise! Next year, get ready to open your wallets, but who knows how much or for what exactly? They're keeping us in suspense!

Let's talk about those Galaxy AI features, like real-time translation in calls, automatic AI-suggested photo edits, one-tap note summarization, and more. Simply breathtaking, right? Samsung really nailed it with their "Galaxy AI" promises, setting the stage for the grand entrance of "AI phones."

Samsung AI undisclosed pricing terms for Galaxy S24 series phones.
Credit: Samsung / Athenil Media

At their glitzy event, Samsung threw a whole party of AI features at us for their flagship phones. Meanwhile, Google chimes in with its Gemini Nano model magic, promising faster tasks and data privacy. And let's not forget Samsung's thrilling plans to play around with the Gemini Pro and Ultra models. It's like a never-ending AI fiesta with long-term partnerships and... wait for it... very few immediate benefits!

But, oops, they forgot to mention that some of these magical features will eventually come with a price tag. How very subtle, Samsung! So, Samsung's official product page tells us that Galaxy AI features will be free on supported devices until the end of 2025. Beyond that, it's anyone's guess. It's all so delightfully vague!

Because you see, Samsung hasn't quite clarified which AI features are their own brainchild and which are joint ventures with Google, Qualcomm, and other AI labs. And let's not forget the mystery of whether Qualcomm's AI features will grace the Exynos 2400 variant of the Galaxy S24. The suspense is killing us!

Take text-to-image generation, for example. Qualcomm showed off this trick where Stable Diffusion whips up an image in under a second. Impressive, right? But they're a bit shy about the financial details of their partnership with Stability AI. Who's footing the bill for all this AI magic? Did Qualcomm just casually absorb the costs, or are we paying more for their flagship chips?

Speaking of costs, have you noticed the Galaxy S24 Ultra's hefty price tag? And if Qualcomm is flaunting its AI prowess as a major selling point, is Samsung doing the same dance with Stability AI for its Exynos-powered Galaxy S24 phones?

Samsung's been pretty tight-lipped about the Exynos 2400's generative AI capabilities, not nearly as enthusiastic as Qualcomm. The Exynos 2400 page teases us with "on-device AI," but details? Who needs those?

So, what little AI features Samsung has shown off for the Galaxy S24 are just the tip of the iceberg. There's so much more they're not telling us about catching up with Qualcomm's Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 SoC AI extravaganza.

In the end, it looks like on-device generative AI might just be the golden ticket to subscription hell for smartphone users. And given how irresistible these features are, many of us will probably cave and pay up. It's just a bummer that after splurging on high-end hardware, we might have to cough up even more for those signature features.

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