Nothing good ever came out of two people getting down and dirty in a spaceship. That’s the recurring lesson I’ve learned after wasting hours of my life on sci-fi movies and books. I’m not the only one with such an opinion though. Scientists at the United Kingdom's Cranfield University also have similar advice — When in space, do NOT go boning while floating .

But why, though? Well, space tourism is quickly becoming a thing. Very rich people are paying very fat wads of cash to float in microgravity at the edge of space for a few minutes these days. Jeff Bezos — the Lord of Amazon — recently went on one such trip and got all emotional after it. Steve Aoki — world-renowned DJ and haver-of-long-silky-hair — will soon be a part of the first civilian mission to the moon.

So yeah, space trips are no longer limited to scientists with a bajillion degrees. And you know what they say about the normies like us? We get horny. A lot. Scientists are also asking the same question — “It is unrealistic to assume all future space tourists will abstain from sexual activities.”

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Let the robots smash in space. Humans have Earth to roll in the hay. 

In a research paper, the non-horny science-y peeps are demanding that every single person involved in the space tourism sector needs to sit down and discuss the risk of banging and screwing around in space. Jokes aside, the risks are very much life-threatening.

We barely know all the risks that come from exposure to the ionizing radiation in space. Astronauts already suffer from serious bone mass loss and metabolic irregularity in space. How would microgravity affect the fetus in space? What about the risks of serious genetic mutations? Will a baby born in space ever be able to adapt to Earth’s atmosphere?

What about the sociological impact of such deeds? There are way too many questions that humanity barely has any answer to. You can read the whole-ass research proposal here if the topic of extra-terrestrial fornication fascinates you.

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