With the arrival of Apple Watch Series 9 last year, Apple released a new double-tap gesture system that lets you use fingers taps, instead of touch-screen swipes, to control calls, alarms, music, and camera, among others. Samsung copied it to a certain extent. Welp, the rich-only tech winter is finally over.

For the rest of us peasants with a WearOS smartwatch on our hairy wrists, there's finally a more democratic solution. A company named DoublePoint has released a new app called "WowMouse" that lets users control a whole bunch of devices with just finger and wrist gestures.

And core tasks such as calling and music playback, of course. Just watch this video before you read more about this app:

Technically, the app makes any other app or device recognise the smartwatch as, well, a mouse, registering clicks just like you would on a computer. WowMouse is already available to download from the Play Store for WearOS smartwatches.

By the way, this app gives your smartwatch a lot more gesture contorl types than what the Apple Watch can accomplish. Sweet shizz, DoublePoint!

WowMouse's latest version embraces Human Design Interface, adding support for pinch and hold. Aside from usual touch-screen devices such as phones and tablets, it also lets you control cursor movement and tap controls in XR wearables as well as smart home devices.

Just take a look at this ice cool demo video:

Download Wow Mouse app by Double Point

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