There’s just a heck ton of news out there. If your curious mind ever desired an app that could summarise all the bollocks happening out there, but in as easy words as if you were a five-year-old kid, your wish has been granted.

Just head over to the App Store — or the Google Play Store, like the Android king you are — and download the app called Artifact. It’s basically a news feed app that shows you articles based on your interests and favorite publications.

But now, it has added a new feature called Summary. Just open any article, tap the “Aa” option at the top to summarise it, and then the three-dot icon to select how you want to read it. Have a look:

You can go basic, like any decent human being. If you’ve just had a bad breakup or brain-drain morning poo, you can pick up the “Explain Like I’m Five” option to read summarised news like the kid you are. Deep down, you know it, too!

UI of summary in artifact
Summary options in Artifact. 

You can also experiment with “Gen Z” or “Poet,” both of which are honestly terrible. But if you’re a true 21st-century, internet-addicted digital rogue, go ahead and read the news expressed ONLY as a series of emoji. You’re welcome!

By the way, the app’s design is amazingly clean and it’s currently a favorite of mine!

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