The world is full of weird tech that probably no one really needs, but a few rare exceptions pop up from time to time. One such gizmo is the MouthPad, a Bluetooth mouse that fits inside a person's mouth and uses the tongue for cursor movement on a computer, phone, or tablet. Adios, fingers!

Lateral view of MouthPad
Credit: Augmental Technologies

San Francisco-based firm Augmental Technologies designed the MouthPad for people living with paralysis, making it possible for them to interact with gadgets that rely on physical touch and limb movements.

Controlling a phone with MouthPad
Credit: Augmental Technologies

MouthPad relies on gestures like long-press and sucking inward with the tongue to replicate right and left clicks on a regular mouse. The company says it is "positioned across the roof of your mouth to put all of the power of a conventional touchpad in the tip of your tongue."

Interior view of MouthPad
Credit: Augmental Technologies

The unique oral device doesn't hurt the speech or hinder the speaking ability of a person. The pressure-sensitive touchpad is positioned at the roof of the oral cavity. It's a fully-wireless device that supports most operating systems right out of the box and each unit is custom-made using 3D-printing.

The unique mouse lasts for about 5 hours on a single charge, but is currently only listed with a "waitlist" status, which means you can buy it just yet. On the positive side, the official introduction video shows a paraplegic person playing video games using MouthPad, which is awe-inspiring and a much-needed accessibility victory.

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