No judgments here on your Tinder goals, but there's a time when you've given up on your holy quest for online love or just the next birthday suit wrestling match. To save you the hassle, the world's largest dating app now has a feature called Tinder Matchmaker, which essentially tasks your friends and parents (if they're that cool) to recommend a good match for your lovelorn soul.

All you need to do is create a link for your profile, share it with friends, and they will like or nope on your behalf. If they like a Tinder profile, it will be labeled as "recommended" the next time you go swiping. Your parents don't need to be Tinder users, of course, in order to be online matchmakers as all of it can be done on the web without creating an account of their own.

The matchmaker links expire after 24 hours, and you can create up to 15 links each day to share with your trusted circle of acquaintances. The option to create a matchmaker link appears when you expand an interesting person's profile on the Tinder app. It's currently being tested in a small pool of users, but will soon expand globally.  

For now, this feature is available in these countries only: the United States, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, South Korea, Spain, Thailand, the United Kingdom, and Vietnam.

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