WhatsApp, the king of originality, has outdone itself again. In its never-ending quest for innovation, the app has just rolled out a feature that's totally new and not at all borrowed from anyone else. They're introducing self-destructing voice messages, because, you know, they've never taken inspiration from other apps before (cough Snapchat cough).

So, here's the deal: You send a voice message with the "View Once" option, and poof! It vanishes after it's played. These disappearing voice messages will have a special "one-time" icon, because we all need a big, flashing sign to remind us that we only get one shot at listening.

WhatsApp assures us these messages are as secure as Fort Knox, with end-to-end encryption. Because nothing screams 'top-secret' like a message that deletes itself after it's heard. By the way, WhatsApp already offers a "View Once" system for photos and videos, and the same is available for Instagram DMs, as well.  

It's not without its risks

But the new WhatsApp trick is not infallible. So, while WhatsApp is patting itself on the back for this groundbreaking feature, remember to only send these messages to people you'd trust with your deepest, darkest secrets.

That's because Android users can simply use their screen record function while listening. Or, a bad actor can just grab another camera or an external microphone and boom, you've got yourself a permanent copy of that 'temporary' voice message.

Also, if you receive a message marked as "view once," make sure to open it within 14 days of its arrival. If not, it will disappear from the chat after that period. Moreover, you can't forward, save, star, or share those ultra-exclusive "view once" voice messages.

WhatsApp really knows how to put a damper on our digital hoarding habits. Guess we'll just have to cherish those fleeting digital moments in our memories instead of our galleries. How quaint!

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