Withings makes some cool watches and at-home fitness gear. This year, the company came to the CES madness with a puck-shaped device that hangs from your shit seat. Named the U-Scan, it "performs chemical analysis of urine and shares the results with a connected smartphone app over Wi-Fi.”

The companion app for Withings U-Scan urine analysis cartridge.

The pebble-shaped smart gizmo for your golden fluid contains replaceable cartridges that function as miniature kits for analyzing the chemical makeup of urine. Urine analysis can be done for three months with each cartridge.

The cycle sync cartridge for Withings U Scan, and test results on a mobile app.

Withings have developed two different types of cartridges, one for tracking menstrual cycles and the other for measuring general body health metrics, including hydration levels and vitamin C content, among other things.

Features of the Withings U-Scan Cycle Sync cartridge.

One U-Scan reader and a cartridge with three months of testing are included in the €499.95 price. I wrote in detail about it here.

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