WhatsApp is a pretty nasty and cruel app. Make a mistake and it is going to stay in the chat. Forever lingering, as a mark of drunken shame, or emotional act of stupid-ass-ery. Thankfully, our internet lord Mark Zuckerberg is here to redeem our WhatsApp sins.

The messaging app now lets you edit a message. All you need to do is long-press on a dumb text, select "edit" in the pop-up window, and you’re ready to atone.  But as an act of honesty, your corrected messages will show an “edited” badge right alongside the time in a chat bubble.

Message editing in WhatsApp
Credit: WhatsApp

Thankfully, the sender won’t be able to see the editing history. So, say you got a heck lotta sob-ish, and typed a three-paragraph message, but realized that it’s foolish, you can simply edit it and replace it with a simple “okay.” The recipient will never know. And just like that, all problems in the universe are suddenly solved!

But there’s a time clock to every sin. On WhatsApp, that’s 15 minutes. If you don’t edit your emotionally-charged dumb text within the next 900 seconds of sending it, you can’t edit it anymore.

In that case, just pray that the person on the other end hasn’t already seen it so that you can delete it permanently from the chat. The ability to edit WhatsApp messages is now rolling out worldwide and will be available to every user within the next few weeks.

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