Remember AirDrop? It’s the feature that allows iPhones, Macs, and iPads to wirelessly share files. Well, with the release of iOS 17 update this Fall season, you will be able to just bring two iPhones together and share contacts. Apple calls this sorcery NameDrop.

Sharing contacts between two iPhones
Credit: Apple

Look, NameDrop is a very cool name. However, the feature works almost the same way as Tap to Pay, which lets you pay at a shop by simply tapping your iPhone against a shop-owner’s iPhone.

NameDrop is just like that, but instead of doing the tippy-tappy to make phone-to-phone payments, you’re doing phone-to-phone contact sharing. Notably, the same gesture will do the trick between an iPhone and an Apple Watch, too, just in case you want to feel insanely cool and rich.

Sharing contact between Apple Watch and iPhone
Credit: Apple 

Moreover, with the same gesture, users can launch SharePlay to listen to music, view a movie, or play a game while holding their iPhone devices close to one another and sharing content.

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