We all have a few WhatsApp conversations that we don't even want God to know about. And certainly not our parents. But so far, there have only been two options to keep your innocent chats secret  – either push them to the archived folder, or lock the entire app behind a PIN, pattern, or fingerprint wall.

But our overlords at WhatsApp have finally realized that they have some naughty users who want to keep a few chats safe from eager eyes. For such God-loving souls, there's now a solution called Chat Lock. Today, Facebook-maker and bad-hair-haver Mark Zuckerberg announced that you can now lock certain sensitive WhatsApp chats in a separate Locked Chat folder.

WhatsApp locked chat in action
Credit: Meta 

This locked folder can only be accessed with your password, or a biometric authentication key like your fingerprint or face unlock. And just like archived chats, if you get a new message in a chat that is locked, the contents of the message won't be visible in the notification bubble.

It looks like the makers of this feature have a dirty mind, too, just like Gulshan Grover. After all, they claim that the Locked Chat feature is for "those moments where someone else is holding your phone at the exact moment an extra special chat arrives." Winky, winky!

Over the coming months, you will also be able to lock chats on other devices where the same account is locked in. To recall, you can now run the same WhatsApp account on four devices. Take a look at the video below to know more about the Chat Lock feature.    

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