Just like that one stingy bastard in every group who has an excuse for not ever paying for food, Apple is also infamous for its non-existent generosity. Take for example iPhones, and specifically the iPhone SE 5G, which still shamelessly serves the same looks as the iPhone 7 from 2016.

According to Bloomberg, the iPhone 15 Pro will have slimmer bezels aka that black border thingy alongside the edges of the screen. Right now, the iPhone 14 Pro’s bezels are 2.2mm, but the upcoming pricey AF phone from Apple will have bezels that are just 1.5mm.

For the sake of imaginations running buck wild, here’s what it might look like:

Concept illustration of iPhone 15 Pro with slimmer bezels
Image Credit: UniverseIce / X

Apple is using a tech called LIPO (Low Injection Pressure Over Molding) to shave some chonk off those thicc bezels. The tech was recently used to achieve slimmer bezels on the Apple Watch Series 7, which, honestly, looks extremely neat.

Here are a few other changes that you can expect from the iPhone 15 series in general:

1. The entry-level models, the iPhone 15 and its Plus version, will also feature that pill-shaped black outline on the screen. The big-ass notch is going away, baby!

2. The iPhone 15 Pro and its Max brother will use titanium to make the side frame. The current-gen Pro iPhones use surgical-grade stainless steel.

3. The new iPhones will be easier to repair. That doesn’t mean the cost of repairs will be any less. Sigh!

An Apple Lightning cable and an iPhone 6
Image Credit: Apple

4. No more lightning cable. Yep. No more of that custom Apple cable shit. It will now use the same USB-C cable as your Android phone. Or the recent iPads. Or the recent Macs . Or the bajillion other Windows PCs out there. End of our pricey cable sufferings, at last. Thanks, EU!

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