Look, Samsung’s gaming and display departments have been smoking some really, really weird shit for the past couple of years. After all, how the hell do you justify making shizz like the Odyssey Ark, a 55-inch monitor that is so curved — 1000R radius of curvature, to be precise — that it will scoop your rich ass right outside your gaming chair like a spoon moves inside a vanilla ice cream cup.

The Odyssey Ark gaming monitor created by Samsung.

Also, it costs $3,499, or Rs. 2,87,875, enough money to take your friend on a “business trip to Thailand” and come back. Well, the madness isn’t stopping anytime soon.

Samsung came to CES 2023 with the Odyssey Neo G9, a 57-inch pixel-serving behemoth that is more expansive than the ego of the country’s shittiest politician. We are staring longingly at a mad-curved screen that offers a 7,680×2,160 resolution and a 32:9 aspect ratio.

Also, the display uses the same tech as the expensive AF iPad Pro and the 14-inch/16-inch MacBook Pro. Plus, the refresh rate is capped at a cool 240Hz, so that you can die like a noob in all the amazing frame-dense glory in Call of Duty.

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