Your employer probably wants you to work your ass off to earn some monies, and then you spend some of that dough for a gym membership to burn some fat off your ass. Acer will save you that gym fee with the eKinekt BD 3, the unholy child of a desk and exercise bike.

It costs $999 – roughly 82,548 Indian Rupees aka almost enough to buy a Playstation 5 from the black market – and goes on sale in June. The idea is simple. Work-from-home warriors are lazy as heck, and the only exercise they do is type furiously on a keyboard.

A laptop and a phone sitting on the table section of the Acer eKinekt BD 3.

The poorly-named eKinekt BD 3 thingy will at least keep your legs toned. Acer's creation will have you exercise in two positions, depending on how much of a hardcore human you are.

But here's the neat part. You produce electricity when you pedal. About 75 watts, per hour. Take that, Tesla!

A person cycling and working simultaneously on the Acer eKinekt BD 3.

That electrical energy is harnessed to charge the laptops and phones on the desk. Yep, it has a couple of USB-A and a single USB-C port on top. There's also a mug holder to host your beer or sugar bomb soda, and a bag holder, too.

My doctor friend tells me – a certified couch lover – that this machine is a good idea, and that I should buy it. We're no longer friends, as of this night.

For real though, get some exercise done. It's good. Interested? I wrote more words about Acer's angelic creation here!

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