There's barely any debating that slab phone designs are boring af! I'm fortunate to use dozens of different phones every year, which nourishes my dopamine with novelty. But one thing I constantly yearn for is the tactile feel of those old dumb phones — a sensation that is slowly eroding with softer, and sometimes capacitive, buttons. Thanks to this thoughtful product — called Clicks — you can get a physical keyboard right on your iPhone.

Co-created by YouTuber @TheMrMobile and CrackBerry Kevin (publisher, founder of Crackberry, and a bunch of other consumer tech sites), "Clicks" sits on an iPhone like a regular case. The Founder's Edition is available for the iPhone 14 Pro and is powered through the Lightning port. There's one at the bottom to charge your phone while you're typing.

Besides blessing you with more space on the screen, Clicks supports Mac-inspired key combinations for shortcuts and a dedicated button for voice typing.

There are two colors at the beginning — yellow and grey, and they are only available for the iPhone 14 Pro at the moment, with the 15 Pro's joining soon. The initial pricing is set at $139 (about 11,500 Indian rupees), which may be the only non-lucrative aspect. But then, if you're already dumping a dozen of Benjamins, another won't hurt much for the added functionality.

Clicks keybaord for iPhone 14 Pro.

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