Google just rolled out a pretty useful feature for Pixel smartphones that's going to 'revolutionize' your data's safety at the neighbourhood repair shop.

Behold the mighty Repair Mode. Now, you can protect all your super-secret data from the nosy hands of repair technicians – and guess what? You don't even have to go through the Herculean effort of backing up, wiping, and restoring your data. Just flick a switch, and bam, your personal data is in an impenetrable fortress.

Repair mode on Google Pixel
Credit: Google

This feature is available only on Android 14, which, unfortunately, is only available on  a handful of phones except the Google Pixel series. Thankfully, you only need a meagre 2GB of spare storage to get this feature working. Just dive into the labyrinth of Settings > System > Repair Mode, and voila!

But hey, don't trust it completely – better back up your data, because, you know, even Google isn't sure if their feature is foolproof.

Google is also serving a diagnostic app for Pixel phones. Before you send your precious phone for repair, and after you get it back, you can check if it's actually working. All you need to do is enter the top-secret code ##7287## in the Phone app's keypad. It's like having your own little tech wizard right in your phone – because, you know, understanding complex diagnostics is everyone’s hobby.

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