Nadeem Sarwar

Apple now owns Godzilla, too!

Just in case you weren’t paying attention, Apple is the new video streaming behemoth on the block. Shows like Ted Lasso, The Morning Show, Prehistoric Planet, and Foundation (must watch!!!) are already the talk of the town and winning awards.

The company recently ordered a Lionel Messi film to its pipeline. This happened merely days after the football wizard signed up with an American club and started scoring goals like a machine, while the matches are streamed on Apple’s platform.

You can now add Godzilla to the list of Apple entertainment properties, too!

The platform will soon stream a new show — Monarch: Legacy of Monsters — which is set in the same world as the recent “Monsterverse” films featuring King Kong, Godzilla, and the organization named Monarch. Here’s the synopsis for Monarch: Legacy of Monsters

The Apple TV+ slate already has upcoming shows with A-list Hollywood stars that include Oscar winners like Joaquin Phoenix, Riz Ahmed, and former Superman, Henry Cavill, among others. Some of the titles that will soon arrive on the platform are Napoleon, Killers of the Flower Moon, Argylle, Fingernails, and The Changeling.

Nadeem Sarwar

Google Search will spoon-feed you long articles as a short summary

Everyone in the tech industry has gone mad over AI. Google, the lord of our entire digital existence, is no exception. The latest from its lab is a new feature called “SGE while browsing,” which presents a short summarized version of a long, complex article. Here’s how Google describes it:

“On some web pages you visit, you can tap to see an AI-generated list of the key points an article covers, with links that will take you straight to what you’re looking for directly on the page. We’ll also help you dig deeper with “Explore on page,” where you can see questions the article answers and jump to the relevant section to learn more.”

Here’s the feature in action:

Google AI summarizing articles
Credit: Google

The feature is rolling out inside the Google app for Android and iOS. It will soon arrive on Chrome for desktop, too. However, it’s an experimental feature, and can be enabled after you sign up for the Google Labs. Unfortunately, Google Labs is currently limited to the US market, and there is no timeline for an international expansion.

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