All the way back in 2019, Google released a feature called Car Crash Detection that does just what the name suggests. But so far, it has only been available in a select few regions. The merciful folks at Google finally decided to release it for a few more markets, including India.

The safety feature relies on the readings collected from the mic and sensors (such as the accelerometer and the gyroscope) to look for signs of impact, the kind of sudden sound and motion dynamics observed in accidents.

As soon as the phone detects such an event, it will automatically alert emergency services and will also share your location so that you can be discovered by emergency responders. Here's an example of how this feature saved a man's life.

Aside from car crash detection, Google has also enabled another safety feature that is especially geared toward old folks or people living with movement difficulties. This one is called Fall Detection and it works if you have one of Google's Pixel Watch devices sitting on your wrist.

Once enabled, the Pixel Watch will rely on its sensors to detect falls. Once it detects such an incident, the Pixel Watch will start vibrating and play a sound alarm 30 seconds after the fall to check if you are in the right shape.

If you don't respond to the alerts, the watch will infer that a serious injury has happened and will alert emergency services while also relaying your location.

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