Lenovo, as usual, unloaded new devices like hell. Make no mistake, some of the were rather called. But the show's star was the Yoga Book 9i, a dual-screen laptop. Yep, you don’t get the keyboard deck. Instead, you have a second display.

Now, before you start bitching that a self-respecting computer user can’t really type on a touch-sensitive screen, well, Lenovo will ship a sliding physical keyboard to mash with your fingers. The company has also baked in some really cool 5-finger gestures to make the best of the two screens from the software side, as well.

Using the Lenovo Yoga Book 9i laptop in vertical and horizontal modes.

What’s the benefit of this folding and flipping dual-display design? Well, here’s one straight from Lenovo’s mouth: “In a face-to-face meeting, users can use the tent mode to display a slide presentation on one screen while viewing and controlling the presentation from the second screen.”

You’re starting a couple of 13.3-inch 2.8K OLED screens and kickass Bowers & Wilkins speakers that rotate 360 degrees, which is thrice more flexibility than my fat waist can manage during a Zumba dance session in the darkness of my room.

I mean, just look at it. Just gaze upon this acrobatic tech beauty. I’d sell my soul to lay my hands on this baby and burn down my fellow coffee shop remote workers with jealousy.

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