Let's get the price suspense out of the way first. The Google Pixel 8 starts at Rs. 75,999 in India, while the Pixel 8 Pro will set you back by Rs. 1.06,999. Piqued your interest yet? Well, that's right in the same league as the comparable iPhone 15 and Samsung Galaxy S23 models.

Plus, the pre-orders are already live, if you're really itching for new Android hardware. Here are some highlights of these phones, and not the specs:

|| The Pixel 8 series will get Android version updates, feature drops, and security fortifications for SEVEN years. That's far more than any Android brand out there.  If you don't break it to hell, the Pixel 8 series will sail smoothly until 2030.

|| It can answer calls on your behalf and reject them in a natural tone – without you even touching the phone.

|| The call screen feature can filter calls and automatically block nasty spammers. If you hear the customer support tone, the Google Assistant will it out on your behalf instead of wasting your precious minutes.

|| If you just don't want to answer the call but still seek to respond, the assistant will type your brief vocal response and send it as a text reply.

|| Audio Magic Eraser: Removes noise from the video after identifying different audio patterns and letting you remove the disturbances you find undesirable.

|| Best Take: Combines multiple group photos and gives a final version where everyone is giving the best expression. It actually saves multiple expression frames for each face and lets you pick the best one for a final version worthy of Instagram. It's like picking different moments in time for each person and then stitching it all together.

|| Boosted Video: A new form of video processing that delivers livelier colors and dynamic range, with Google claiming better results than the iPhone 15 Pro.

|| Night Sight is now available for low-light video capture. Basically, it captures at night what your eyes can't see.  

|| Google is combining the generative AI skills of Bard with Google Assistant. It looks magical. Say "catch up on email," and it brings a rundown of recent emails with a short summary. It can pull up information from across different apps to perform a single task.  

|| It understands photos and can automatically perform tasks like creating a social media caption for dog photos, asking the assistant for directions after showing it a poster, and more.

|| The Gboard keyboard application will now correct your grammar mistakes using generative AI. Think of it like an ever-present Grammarly system for everything that you type.

|| And here's a brief recap of the camera capabilities:

|| Recorder will automatically summarize everything that it records and transcribes. So, instead of a wall of text, you see easy-to-digest highlights.

|| Zooming into a photo doesn't crop and causes blurriness. Instead, it sharpens and reconstructs the photo to make it appear as if there was no digital zoom involved at all.

|| Oh, and did I tell you it has a temperature sensor, too?

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