Urtopia is a brand that makes some really, really nice-looking e-bikes. For some reason, the engineers thought of making "The World's First ChatGPT integrated E-bike." The result is an e-bike with a display interface that lets you talk with ChatGPT using voice commands.

The company calls it "The bicycle with a mind." Now, unless you've been living under a hulking rock, ChatGPT is an AI chatbot that can do everything for you, from writing poems and plagiarized research papers to creating a tour itinerary and writing code — it does it all. Call it the lazy man's best friend!

So capable is ChatGPT that Elon Musk warns that such tech is destructive for human civilization. You know, the usual "machines will one day enslave humanity" trope in sci-fi flicks and books.

Coming back to reality, Urtopia's ChatGPT-fueled bike can help you with stuff like asking for directions, understanding weather prediction, and whatever the hell it is that you want an AI to narrate in your glorious ears as you ride on your swanky e-bike.

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