It's been merely a few weeks since the kidney-robbing tech that is the iPhone 15 Pro came out, and social media is already abuzz with reports of dramatic overheating. That's interesting, because Apple talked extensively about the superior thermal management offered by the new titanium.

Well, it looks Apple think it's apps like Instagram that are causing the phone to act all stove-y. And that there are a few software bugs. Plus, setting up a new phone is also quite demanding on the processor in the early days.

But blaming apps for a phone running hot is like co-founder and former CEO Steve Jobs famously saying this about the iPhone's antenna and signal problems:

Credit: Reddit

Coming back to the overheating woes, Apple points the fingers at unoptimized apps. "A spokesman said that Instagram from Meta Platforms Inc., Uber Technologies Inc.’s app and the game Asphalt 9 have caused the device to run warmer than normal," reports Bloomberg.

Apple told Forbes that it is also looking at other apps to look for similar issues. Just in case you're wondering, titanium is indeed better than steel at conducting heat, according to smart folks at Industrial Metal Services. Keep an eye on the software updates ahead and try to stick with official chargers, too.

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