They say, if you're rich, even something as normal as wireless earbuds can turn into ultra-luxe fashion gear. Of course, all that engineering comes at a cost. Take for example the Nova H1 earrings. Welp, these are actually open-ear speakers with a clever trick.

Woman wearing the gold Nova H1 Audio Earrings.

Those round, shiny pearls produce sound and feed it straight to the ear canal. They won't blow your socks off with raw audio quality, but that's not the point here. The idea is to let you enjoy the music without fully covering your ears, so that you are aware of your surroundings and don't come under Salman Khan's speeding car.

A woman wearing silver Nova H1 Audio Earrings.

The pearls use Nova's own Directional Audio Technology to beam audio waves into your ears. The company claims your music is private, but we'd suggest that you remain cautious and don't play anything hot-and-heavy while sipping overpriced coffee in a public cafe. Nova says the open design of these audio earrings also saves you the risk of ear canal infections.  

Nova H1 Audio earrings on a sheet

The H1 earrings can last a whole day on a single charge, or so says Nova, which sounds like a steaming pile of overzealous tech bullshit. Even Samsung and Apple's pricey earbuds don't last that long. Rants aside, they come in silver and gold, and you can either use the studs for clasping or just cross the pin across a piercing for a better grip.

The gold version costs EUR 695 (roughly Rs. 62,000), while the silver shade will deduct EUR 595 (approximately Rs. 52,000) from your father's bank account. They're currently available in Europe only, but the Chinese are already working on a cheaper knockoff that will soon be available in Delhi and Mumbai's thrift shops.

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