Look, it’s a hard pill to swallow, but your taste in music is relatively shit. (Focus on relatively, pal!) For such folks — including me — there’s a buzzy new solution out there – AI. Barely a few weeks ago, some anonymous guy created an AI-generated song featuring R&B stars Drake and The Weeknd. And I’m not gonna lie, that track is a certified banger.

The AI-knowing musical lord nicknamed "Ghostwriter" did the magic with the track titled “Heart on My Sleeve.” Just look up social media for the track, and you’ll find a ton of makers-of-bad-music-choices bopping their head to the track. Soon after, someone made Rihanna sing “Cuff It” using AI, and more AI-generated Drake songs popped up, among other artists.

All one needs is to pick a singer’s voice sample, train it on an AI, and make it sing a verse from another artist’s song. Someone made Kanye West aka Ye aka unhinged Yeezy Shoe Man sing “Anaconda,” the infamous Nicki Minaj song whose music video had more ass in it than there are stars in a moonlit sky.

Drake appears to be a favorite of AI tracks right now, but you can also find some REALLY good AI-synthesized music from Travis Scott, Bad Bunny, and already-robot-sounding Ariana Grande. This trend is nothing short of a revolution, so much so that Universal Music Group shat in its rich music label pants and had Apple Music and Spotify remove those AI Drake tracks.

Enter Michael Sayman, a young tech bro who just made a website called aiHits.co. Great name, my guy! Right now, there are over 70 AI-generated songs on the website, and all you need is to hit the play button and start shaking your booty. Again, some of these AI tracks are disturbingly authentic-sounding and got rich beats.

An AI-generated song featuring Drake and Tyler The Creator (Credit: Nadeem / Athenil Media)

If you feel creative, you can also submit your own AI-generated tracks. Maybe, try an AI-generated version of Neha Kakkar singing Arijit Singh’s “Naina.” Hopefully, that way, you can finish at least one Neha Kakkar song without having a brain aneurysm from sheer cringe and teeth-clenching anger. On second thought, don’t ruin Arijit’s legacy.

Here's DJ David Guetta playing an Eminem song that Eminem NEVER ACTUALLY sang. You’re welcome!

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