So, Twitter — now X — wants to a lot of things. Once known as the public town square where a wafer-eating anonymous rando account could roast Germany’s President with a sick burn, X is now getting professional. The next stage is direct communication, and the start is video calling.

Just like WhatsApp, Telegram, or any other peer-to-peer messaging platform of your choice, X will allow users to dial up their friends on a video feed. But the best part is that unlike WhatsApp or FaceTime, you won’t have to share your phone number to do so, as you would do on Telegram.

“Soon you'll be able to make video chat calls without having to give your phone number to anyone on the platform,” Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino said in a CNBC interview. And it seems the system is already in testing, as one employee recently posted online that she successfully made a call on Twitter.

So far, Twitter has been a place where politicians engage in mud-slinging, activists scream about climate change into a void, influencers shill for scammy biz, and some good people share dank memes. But owner Elon Musk wants to do a lot more.

He has already started paying people who generate high impressions on X. A money transfer facility, just like PayPal, is also in development. Two-hour video uploads are already here, but soon, you will be able to post paywalled videos that can be unlocked with real money. Think, OnlyFans!

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